Benifit of Stay @ Young Collagen
Collagen is the most abundant protein found in skin, cartilages, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood vessels and bones of the body. Collagen actually makes up 75% of our skin tissues. 80% of the bone protein consists of collagen. Fish Collagen is extracted from protein of marine fishes by the enzymatic hydrolysis process.

Study have shown that the effect of orally ingested collagen encourages the rapid absorption of the essential amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyline for reducing inflammation and relieving pain proved conclusively that almost 90% of those taking part had remarkable results. Collagen naturally stabilized the body’s immune system and helps to nectralize the production of abnormal molecule structhure.

Skin Anti-Wrinkle & Moisturizing Effect

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It consists of the outer epidemis, inner hypodermis and supported by the subcutaneous tissues. 75% of the skin consists of fibrous collagen and it keep the skin well moisturized and improved its toning and suppleness. Hence, reduces wrinkles, spotting and dryness.

Hair and Nails

The key to healthy hair is to have a well nourished scalp. The hair follicles are implanted in the subcutaneous layer of scalp. The connective tissues of this layer together with the upper layers of the skin are primarily composed of collagen tissues. The same goes for nails of fingers & toes. Collagen is the basic nutrition that feeds the hair and nails, keeping them moist and glazed.


The formation of bones begin with the synthesis of the skeletal frame- work derived from collagen fibers. Therefore, collagen is the essential building block of bones during formation of regeneration of bones in the fracture or normal growth. With the ingestions of collagen, this will boost up the body’s capability in maintaining a wound skeletal system.

Skeletal Joints and connective Tissues

Collagen protects the connective tissues and the synovial fluid in the joints against deterioration. It is raw material for cartilage synthesis and repair. It can also reduce oxidation damage to joints and therefore stimulate significant reduction in joint pain, tendemess and swelling.

Muscles formation & Slimming Effect

The specific amino acids of collagen protein help to preserve and build lean muscles. During the growth phase of younger people, collagen protein can promote growth hormone secretion in the formation of muscles. For adults who intend to have well tones body, collagen helps in the formation of muscles. For adults who intend to have will to need body, Collagen helps in the generation of leaner muscles and reduces fats in body mass.

Breast enhancements

The female breast is made up of fatty tissues supported by a matrix of connective tissues of collagen fibers. The shape and firmness of the breast therefore, primarily relies on the elasticity of the collagen fiber’ reticulate structure. During aging, the fibers lose their elasticity and firmness of the breasts and enhance the shape & form of the breast.